Tips to Stay at Home- Healthy and Not Bored During the Quarantine Period in Malaysia //

Things that you can do while you're self-quarantined at home

Remember the good old days, when you had a hobby and enough time to pursue it? What was it? Reading, painting, singing, dancing, anything! Now would be a good time to look back into your old box of hobbies and bring them out for entertainment. If you are unfortunately one of those, like us, who were not gifted with such talents. It's time for you to pursue a new hobby, or to catch up on some of the things that you put off for too long. Here are some things you could do-

Binge-watch your favourite series:

There is plenty of those web series we have pushed on our watchlist. Time to bring the stash out. Let’s binge-watch them and fulfil our curiosity.


Read a book:

Did you know? Reading a book in a quiet environment is very calming. Let’s feed our inner bookworm and snuggle up with your favourite book. Tip from us- Pair this session with a cup of hot chocolate or a hot coffee. (*Heavenly*)

Stay connected with your loved ones:

Don’t let social distancing hold you back from your gal pal. Because what’s better than a session of guilty gossip. (Yeah! We do it too). So pick up your phones and have long conversations with your friends, family, your special someone.

P.S- An introvert? You can just chill out with some games!

Love Writing?

Do it- are you someone who has always wanted to write a short story or a novel, but couldn’t find the time to? Then let your creative juices flow and compose your favourite poetry or story. Express your thoughts, feelings and ideas freely without being judged by society.


Stay active at home:

Can't go to the gym? Why don’t you bring your gym to home? Do all your regular calf exercises, push-ups and planks like there's no tomorrow, all within the safety of your own home.  P.S- Do take a bath afterwards for safety reasons! ;)


It’s Playtime:

Time to bring out the inner kid in you. Remember those games from the good old days? With the Y generation not so active in indoor and outdoor activities, now is a great time for you as a parent to connect with your child on a whole different level. Let’s have some fun!!


Cook amazing healthy and tasty recipes:

Had a recipe in mind that you wanted to try out for a long time or a recipe on YouTube that you suddenly have the urge to try. Go ahead, prepare yourself a meal and enjoy it in candlelight. (Because why not!?)  Here’s a tip- Stocking up on pasta, beans, canned vegetables and spices is a smart idea so that more of your favourite recipes are within reach.


Picking Good Habits while in Quarantine:

While social distancing and self-quarantine is something, we all should do. We can reflect back to our time and come up with ways to give ourselves a nudge towards a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few good habits you can pick and ‘continue’ even after quarantine period is over!

Create a schedule:

Write everything you're going to do during the day. Writing things down makes it simpler for you to follow them through. Planning a schedule will also increase your motivation to stay healthy, which will help you follow the schedule on a timely basis.


Set up a workout routine:

Stick to your workout routine. If you're trying to lose weight for a long time, make the most of this time. You don't require to go to the gym or parks to do this. All you need is a corner of your house where you have the best space. There are lots of fitness routines available on the internet which you can choose according to your age and type of body.


Indulge in a healthy breakfast:

Your breakfast needs to be loaded with nutrient-rich food to keep you going through the day. Include the variety in your breakfast and make a combination of different food items. You can include fruit, oats, cornflakes, eggs, etc.


Build a workstation:

When you've been told to 'work from home' then you require to follow the same routine of work as you do in the workplace. To perform the job efficiently build yourself a workstation. Assign a comfortable table to yourself, and set up like an office table. Trust us the motivation is good to prevent you from listening to your bed! (*LOL*)

Get a savoury lunch:

Make yourself a good lunch, and try to share it with your family and loved ones. Your lunch requires to be loaded with all sorts of vegetables, proteins and fats that a healthy body wants.


Get enough sleep:

Sleep plays a vital role in our immune system, metabolism and even our learning. This time is the only time you would feel so stress-free. Let’s go to sleep everybody!!

We know how this COVID-19 pandemic has turned all our lives upside down and we will take a while to adapt to it. We hope the ideas we shared would help you out in more ways than one. Till then, stay safe, spend quality time with your family and loved ones, bond well and keep following us!