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More than just beauty products allowed under Islamic law, "Halal Beauty" is a new addition to the beauty industry due to its cruelty-free (meaning no life was harmed during production) and the use of natural ingredients. There is discussion. With the rise of halal beauty brands from around the world, Malaysia is certainly one of the countries that has the best halal beauty brands. Here is a list of halal beauty brands to look out for in Malaysia.

1. Wardah

Wardah is Indonesia's first halal cosmetics brand. From the date of its discovery in 1995, it has emerged as the most popular cosmetics brand in Malaysia. It has received Halal certification from the Indonesian Halal Association. They entered the Malaysian market a few years back and have been a local favourite ever since. They are loved for the affordable prices and impeccable quality! You can find all Wardah products in any Watsons in Malaysia. In addition to halal skincare products, Varda also produces halal makeup products that are equally good!

2. Duck Cosmetics

The cosmetic arm of dUCk is a natural extension for Muslim and scarf collectors, founded by Datin Vivi Yusoff. dUCk Cosmetics addresses all your beauty needs (without parabens!), from the quirky Mist Independent Hair Mist to the vibrancy of the Matte Decision Lip Cream range. As far as the occasional limited-edition collections that fans are on Tenterhook - we especially love the delectable Cookie Collection for Raya and the most recent Dolly Dukes Collection Face Kit

3. Sugarbelle

Sugarbelle founder, Belle Al Yahya, who made a name for herself as the Muslim fashion mogul behind Bella Ammara, has ventured into cosmetics through Sugarbelle. Vudu-compliant, comprehensive and comfortable, Sugarbelle prides itself on offering lips, but its skin care, facial, and perfume lines are few. A range of mattifying aqua foundations keep skin consistently hydrated without compromising on buildable coverage that's as light as a pamper.

4. Simplysiti

Founded by Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza, one of Malaysia's most loved figures, Simplicity covers all your beauty needs, from skincare to makeup and even fragrance. Some of their matte lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E and Candelilla Wax, which are glossy and pigmented to nourish your lips. Plus, it's silky smooth and long lasting too!

5. Orkid Cosmetics

Orkid Cosmetics and their line of creamy liquid lipsticks have quickly grown to be a crowd favourite. The matte suede collection consists of light and smooth liquid lipsticks complete with a matte suede finish and infused with vitamin E to help moisturize your lips for that perfect pout. Orkid comes in many richly pigmented shades to add a stunning pop of colour that will perfect your everyday makeup look. As they say, a good lipstick can tie your entire look together.

6. So. Lek

There's no need to go to the trouble of escaping or removing your nail polish before prayer. Courtesy of the Wudhu-approved (water permeable and breathable) range from fan-favourite SO.LEK, adding a touch of colour to your digits has become a total cinch. Feel free to pick up other items titled after elements of Malay culture, such as Maker Blush and the Elise 3-in-1 Brow Shaper.

7. Obsess Cosmetics

Obsess Cosmetics is a local cosmetics line that has come up with Wuzu friendly products where it includes lip mats and other basic cosmetics products. HafiztulAtiqah, founder of Obsess Cosmetics, said that her mission is to create cosmetics products to empower Muslim women to be confident in their appearance.

Creating makeup that is halal, vegan and/or cruelty-free, without compromising on product quality, certainly shows how careful and honest these local brands are in catering to the Muslim market. Plus, with such gorgeous and pigmented colour payoff and assurance of halal-status, your next lipstick holy grail could be from a humble made-in-Malaysia brand. For more options, check out the Latest Halal Beauty Products in Malaysia.