Best places to shop for Deepavali in KL //

Diwali is a festival of Indian festivals, which typically lasts for five days and is celebrated during the Hindu lunisolar month Karthika (November). One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali signifies spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and wisdom over ignorance". In this festival, people exchange gifts and burst firecrackers. If you are looking for some last-minute shopping ideas, the top 5 places for that are:

1. Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur

Crowds of people and lots of stalls line the road before auspicious occasions offering Deepawali breakfasts and sweets, jewellery, clothes, etc. Indian stores around the area such as Haniffa will be offered discounts and special sales. Unfortunately, in July this year, it was announced that DBKL would end the Deepavali and Ramadan markets held here, and relocate them to a new location. According to The Star, the main reason was mismanagement and much more, rather than going to poor traders hired for huge profits. It has been the purchase of Deepawali in Malaysia for decades. From crazy sales to last-minute discounts (if you're good at bargaining), you can stop at a place just before Deepawali. With products from India to large Indian clothing stores to hypermarkets, you can find anything for Deepavali.

2. 17th Deepavali Carnival

Carnival, organized by Agenda Suria Communication, is the largest outdoor celebration carnival in Malaysia. It takes place in an open car park at Bukit Jalil Stadium. As of November 5, it will be a vibrant affair with 400 booths allowing shoppers to explore decorative items, home decor, clothing, artificial jewellery, shoes, and much more. Local brands, along with international vendors, are there to entertain you in stage performances along with Indian cuisine and sweets.

3. Brickfield

This place is also known as "Little India". If you are looking for a quick shopping experience, Little India at Brickfields may be just the place for you. Although busy, the place is not very large and shopping can be done after visiting 1 or 2 shops in the area. From sweets to firecrackers, there will be a Deepawali market along the road to meet your Deepawali needs. A shopping bonus in Little India - you can pop in for some delicious banana leaves or anytime you need a holiday from shopping! Day or night, the days leading up to Deepawali will be celebrated as a joyous music at these places and the smell of delicious Indian snacks fills the fresh air, and each shop tinkers with its colourful Indian goods or clothes.

4. Tengku Klana, Klang

There are some 'mega' stores that offer all festive needs. While attending the festival, they sometimes perform at night - singing, dancing and entertainment. However, they start quite late. With young children, it is best to wake up early in the morning before the heat and heavy crowd rushes in. Parking is also not readily available, so you might need to walk a bit. There is a chain of big stores of everything and anything; Gayathri Silks, Sri Kumaran Silks and Ajunta store Sarees (the trick is to ask them to work around your budget, otherwise, they will show you high end Kanjeevaram and fancy silks), Salwar, kurtas, accessories and baby outfits. Brass utensils are particularly good with reasonable options.

5. JB Deepavali Bazaar

For JB 'makkals', you can swing by the Deepavali Bazaar happening until Oct 26 at the Open Car Park of Giant Hypermarket Tampoi. The organisers have roped in 100 traders selling Deepavali must-haves like sweets, clothing, prayer items and etc.

6. Lulu Supermarket

Lulu Hypermarket, the multi-faceted and multinational retail division of LuLu Group International, has always been known as a trend setter of the retail industry in the region. Today, LuLu is a symbol of quality retailing with 188 shops and is extremely popular with discerning shoppers in the Bay Area. With its pleasant and novel variation from the usual supermarket, LuLu offers an ultra-modern shopping environment by integrating all the perceptive needs of consumers under one roof. LuLu Hypermarkets has a large number of international and regional brands. This is also the one of the biggest places to go to shop for Diwali. Lulu Hypermarkets not only have grand places in the cities of Malaysia, but GCC has become the most preferred shopping destination in Egypt, India, Indonesia and UAE.

Happy Deepavali and we hope the festival is a vibrant and happy one! To know more about Kl do visit our webpage