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“Health is wealth”. And what is one health activity which is both free and is full of fun for the whole family? A visit to the park, of course!

While most cities are often seen as the concrete jungles, but many; on the contrary, have large open green parks and garden spaces for city folks to take a breath of fresh and clean air. In cities like London, New York, and London, they have their own iconic parks but what about Kuala Lumpur ?

Here are some of the parks and GARDENS in Kuala Lumpur that you can visit to have a completely awesome and relaxed time. One can steal away from the hum and buzz of city life for some peace and tranquillity at these parks.So read on-

Ampang Hilir Lake Garden

According to the official VisitKL website , the former “ Taman” (park) that is located just beside the Middle Ring Road 2 before Jalan Ampang has a circumference of around 2.7km, making it just nice for a healthy and not too intensive stroll in the early morning and the evening for people of all age group. The park also allows cycling and has a total of three different playgrounds situated around its picturesque lake especially for all the children who also have a nice play zone with all the swings and slides to keep them engaged. This is also situated in the heart of the city making it very convenient for everyone to make a visit without long drive being a hassle.

Location: 115, Jalan Ampang Hilir, Desa Pahlawan, Kuala Lumpur

The Central Park, Desa ParkCity

Situated in the award-winning township in Kepong that is developed by the ParkCity Holdings, the above-mentioned “Central Park, Desa ParkCity” is famous among the local residents and non-residents. The Central Park, has tree-lined 9ft-wide jogging paths and beautiful walkways that surround a lake that loved by all nature lovers. In addition, the park is also pet-friendly thereby making it a hot spot for all pet owners. So you are most likely to spot pet owners taking their dogs for a walk. After an extensive workout session, you can cool down at The Waterfront commercial centre that is located adjacent to the park. One can find some delightful dining varieties on offer at The Waterfront commercial. Two other parks — The East Park and The West Park — are also located in the 473-acre freehold township where people can spend some quality with their near and dear ones.

Location: Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur

Kepong Metropolitan Park

One can notice colorful kites of various shapes and sizes being flown in the sky as they drive past this 95 hectare park along the main road. It is because Kepong Metropolitan Park is the hot spot for kite-lovers in the city. It has been informed that most barriers and trees have been removed to ensure clearance of at least 100m for the kites to take off in the huge field that runs parallel to the main road. In addition, there are also various other activities that one can do at the park such as cycling, playing football and even go on a boat ride on the 57 hectare lake.

Location: Middle Ring Road 2, Kepong Metropolitan Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur


Considered as one of the most attractive and beautiful parks in the whole Kuala Lumpur, this 50-acre green lung is a favorite among locals as well as tourists, all thanks to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers next door. Children love the 2-acre playground and the wading pool, which are visited by families every weekend for a memorable family outing. One can also find office workers jogging around the park early in the morning and after work on weekdays along with the senior citizens. It is majorly because the location is right smack in the middle of office towers in the heart of the city.

Location: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Perdana Botanical Garden

Previously known as the Taman Tasik Perdana, this 226-acre park can be considered as Kuala Lumpur’s first large-scale recreational park. Perdana Botanical Garden contains many unique components including a forest tree collection, exotic species collection, spice garden, deer park, and herbarium. In order to know more about the gardens and plants in the park, one should definitely check out the park’s interpretation center. In addition to the above mention attraction, the visitors can also buy some gifts at the souvenir shop for their near and dear ones.

Location: Jalan Kebun Bunga, Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

Permaisuri Lake Garden

Famous for those living in Cheras, this 40 hectare recreational park has beautiful lakes and fountains in addition to fully functional outdoor gyms. Permaisuri Lake Garden can be considered as an ideal location for those who are looking for picnic spots as there are concrete stools and tables provided that are shaded by the many huge and mature trees there. One can spot marathon runners training here as the park has a naturally hilly terrain as well as a labeled trail that in turn allows runners to track their running distance.

Location: Jalan Tasik Permaisuri 2, Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

Titiwangsa Park

Titiwangsa Park can be considered a popular place for all remote-control car enthusiasts. It is mainly because the following park has a drivers’ platform and seating area for spectators. In addition, the 57ha park also offers a children’s playground, tennis courts, jogging tracks, exercise areas, and a stadium. The visitors can also just sit and relax on one of the benches while enjoying the view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in the background.

Location: 6, Lorong Titiwangsa, Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park

Situated in the corner of the Taman Tun Dr Ismail neighborhood, the abore mentioned charming and lush park tends to attract families from the surrounding areas as well. As a result, the park is crowded almost every evening and especially so during the weekends. Visitors can spend quality time with their friends and family. Many also come with their kids to feed the fish and terrapins thriving in the lake. Some of the other features of the park may include exercise areas, playgrounds, and a suspension bridge, especially for all the sports enthusiasts.

Location: Jalan Haji Openg, Kuala Lumpur